Real Soccer

Roman Fenley (15)
Miguel Beckel (19)
Jonah Jolicoeur (39)

-  1

Orange United

Ethan Ryberg (22)
Wilbert Delbosquel (27)
Maynard Brabant (42)


It was one of the best games in our amateur league this year. The players of both teams showed the game that was equal the one performed by professionals. We are glad to raise the level of our team members’ play.

It seems like this season will be full of spectacular events. Soccer is a great game and we are glad that our amateur league combined a bunch of skilled football players.

The first game of this year season was really great. If you haven't seen it yet, you have still a great opportunity to spectate the entire hour and a half on YouTube. We recorded the game just for this case. To do that, visit our official channel. By the way, you can watch any game of our amateur championship there with no effort.

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